I want our young people to have the opportunity and skills to lead us into an equitable and sustainable future.

Megan, 63, Freshwater.

As a youth myself, I want to make sure that we are heard and accounted for in our own country.

Esther, 15, Carlisle.

Every human deserves the right to feel safe

Ayla, 27, Saint Kilda.

I want young Australians' voices heard. The innovative ideas of youth will help change Australia for the better

Bree, 17, Sunshine Coast

I want support and change for the cost of living in Australia

Rachel, 23, Sydney.

Politicians are failing young people and we’re all losing out.

You can help fix this.

Let's put Youth on the Agenda.


1 in 5 Australians are aged 12-25. Young people face a future of insecure work and housing. Economists warn young people are missing out on our country’s wealth – the first generation likely to have lower standards of living than their parents. Unfairly, some young people have even less opportunities, just because of their background or identity.

This is a big problem for everyone. We’ll rely on young people most to support our ageing population. If young people feel valued and connected to our community, we will all benefit.

Young people want to be heard on many issues, from tax and justice to marriage equality and climate change. But the Australian Government has removed all ways to hear from or engage with young people. We have no national youth policy  government plan to support young people. We have no funding for the youth peak body– young people’s voice in politics. And there hasn't been a Minister for Youth since 2013.

Together, we can change this. Ask the Government to show they value young people.

Tell them to give our young people their voice back! 


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The Australian Government must:

  • Fund the national peak body for young people
  • Create national plan for young people co-designed with young people
  • Appoint a minister for young people 

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